Business today is not just about making profits but is way beyond that. As climate change, economic inequality, and other major problems impact communities worldwide, companies are increasingly expected to be purpose driven and contribute to the greater good.

While CSR might look different for each organization, the end goal is always the same i.e SOCIAL WELFARE. Companies that embrace corporate social responsibility aim to maintain profitability while supporting a large purpose.

In 2021, AVSL Industries Limited (“AVSL”) focused on ‘Women Empowerment’. Thus the key focus area of development is Women Education and awareness which ultimately help them to live their life more independently and to take care of their family.

In the year 2022, the Company is promoting primary education in rural & tribal villages.

     In the Year 2022-23

    a) AVSL supports schools and colleges with logistical and financial supports to the needy students with the aim of providing quality education to students at an affordable rates.

    b) AVSL also contributed to ISKCON for building a magnificent Vedic Cultural Center. This Center will have a Food for life kitchen which will serve sanctified  food to thousands of  people.